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One first with some nearly non-fictional work drama, personality conflict with the Boss. It had something to do with Irish music he was playing loudly over the pa. The vague impressions of coworkers encouraged this, telling me to just turn up the radio. Instead I tried to find a cd to play, knowing I'd no Pogues with me. I was searching through semi-magical cd case trying to decide between Chieftains and Cranberries when ..

This flowed somehow into the plans for my immediate arranged marriage to a nice enough seeming young man from work who I did not know. And then on somewhat directly to the reception, where I was trying to figure out which one I had married. Meanwhile at the front of the room, Michael Dorn was complaining about how the death of his character (Worf) was ruined by a last minute edit of the following scene. I did not follow the details since I was starting to be genuinely upset at not knowing which one I married. Was it the fellow with the strong brogue towards the end of that table? I remember thinking maybe this won't be so bad...

Thoughts: Perhaps making the NOC look so much like the bridge of a small Federation vessel was not a good idea after all. Still I'm not sure who invited the crew/cast of NCC-1701D. Also, I am thinking about workdrama waaaay too much. The dozens of pages of wank I read last night did not seem to have much influence. Nor did i dream of Joel or ie8. Praise $goddess for small blessings.

Most concerning is the dissociative aspect of that and perhaps other dreams. If that became a habit I would be a bit distressed.
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Memories have faded and the plotlines weren't all that cohesive to begin with. Did not seem to get the "it's the last day of school and I haven't finished my English paper" one that has popped up a few times lately. Did have an episode involving my (new) car disappearing briefly from where I had somewhat thoughtlessly parked it for a pickup. Although mine is not a convertible. Or a Beetle, come to think of it. It came back with a note in longhand on yellow legal explaining the difficulty ... but was just devastating for it to be gone when I came back outside. I jogged around the nearby blocks of this indeterminate downtown area for an hour, getting more and more upset. And yes, I am nervous about the car, paying for it, and what all that represents and links to, so that's an easy one. For one I don't see how you can be grown up when the people you work for to pay for things aren't.

Perhaps I should mention that the question of "do you believe your car is where you parked it" has come up a lot in theological discourse. Some days I do believe it, and I am always hopeful it will be there, but I have trouble characterizing this as belief in context because of the political weight I put on irrationalism..

I spent some time pondering the status of things amongst myself and the woman I'm having dinner with again tonight. Eventually i recalled some trivia details from a earlier chat which answered one question. For the rest of it I am trying to play better than previously. I think my best conclusion was to say, "Remind me, in six months, if we are still dating friendly-like, to ask you what's going on." and to enjoy it in the meantime and not worry much. I also conceived of which t-shirt to wear, surely a more important question *snort* and yes, Ill be linking her to this, although she doesn't LJ much.
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I came perilously close to having a Monday this week. I woke up to turn the alarum off at 1805 and then laid back down for a bit, proud that had I woken at all again since crashing before noon.

Dreams, and dozing later, I was wide awake at 0800. And oh, what dreams. A new (to us ) multistory condo/home with many exciting features, including a garage full of interesting junk and a small bowling alley (pristine but unused in at least ten years). And, of course, enchanted weapons, colour-coded for simplicity...

Showered, put on clean undies and pjs. Second load of laundry is in washer, first in dryer, kitteh is whining on the stairs. (She can whine, I'm not feeding her. The hallway smells awful and I found (in addition, as it were) a small obvious wet patch in the middle of the floor). Need to start putting clothes away as part of the futon reclamation effort, but am getting hungry. Have avoided going downstairs as I do not want to do the dishes (yet) (at all) (again this week). 11:30 ET: Flamed roomie, *sigh*

ボナス!: I am caught up on burichu anime (116) and manga-scanlation (263). It remains pretty darn interesting despite being shounen allover. Yes, the new enemy have ranks _and_ levels, and each new special-guest opponent has a named technique he is inordinately proud of .. and yes our heroes split up .. and yes there is pointless irritating comic-relief (although this batch is combat-effective, so..). Oh and the last batch used German and this batch uses Spanish. *shrug*
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Resumed primary metabolic functions around 0430. Came downstairs, washed dishes and tidied kitchen, including finally washing my Wok from Tues (last) stir-fry experiment (no casualities). Had to get sinks clear first... *grumble*

Am annoyed at roomie for continued slack re: kitchen, dishes, and trash, particularly given the financial situation.. I'm trying to sort out how to communicate this to him without pesky emotional overlays.

I'm trying to get in a few episodes of Irasshai (off my old VHS bootlegs) as part of the "study Japanese so I feel less guilt" plan. A bit of Irasshai, some LRNJ, and hopefully a few more aleph-bets this week should keep that part of my conscience soothed.

And so the week begins with studying Japanese off the terebi and being annoyed at roomie. Certainly not as pleasant as the beginnings of some other days of late, but I'll take it ..

My oatmeal (from a packet) is essentially un-ornamented, and made with water besides. And I let it get cold while washing the wok.

Dreams were damn goofy )

And here's more Irasshai...
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Woke at 13:30 (phone, called back, skipped voicemail, IM'd her) and went back to sleep, and then again around 1800 (roomie and siamese twin coming and going) and back to sleep (didn't get out of bed then) .. and up at 21:30 (phone, mom).

From 1800 or so on, I was doing the dozing / sleeping / daydreaming thing. I would be in a complete, vivid scene from a reasonably complex story .. and then awake, petting the cat, turn back over, snuggle into the warm, and ... wake up again some time later, and again. But it was warm. I am aware enough of this sequence that I was analyzing it, and I noted that I hadn't done it in some time, prob since my vacation, and that I wasn't peculiarly unhappy, just that it was warm, and I had nothing pressing to do out of bed that seemed important... and this tied into a question about my upbringing from the previous nights chatting (cats).

I'm house-sitting for someone this week. I managed to get over there last night for a few hours. I played with the animals, watched teevee, read some of one of her books, and chatted on IM. I should probably head back over there again tonight.

On the way over, and now, I recall an awkward vibe of being in someone elses' home without them that I experienced before .. but it wasn't there, I didn't have that feeling last night. In fact I forgot about it beore arriving and only remembered now.

Feh. I need to attack the kitchen, perhaps with some help from the recently returned roomie and twin.
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Crawled up on the couch to watch the second Serling (about a man in a town called Happiness, Arizona whose trade is raising the dead) and fell asleep before the middle of it. Woke in the 4 o'clock hour, got off the couch, had a piece of chocolate from the freezer, and went upstairs and straight back to sleep. Woke at 8:30 to shut off alarm, bedclothes were almost completely on the floor. Roomie shouted sometime in the 11 o'clock hour, got out of bed a few minutes later.

Dreamt of arguing with my father about not showering enough (never happened), a therapy session in an open room at the rear of some institution, searching for my school backpack, discussing sophmore curricula with an English teacher (in my mom's dining room), can't recall the name of the poet in question, while digging the box of good cereal out of the back of the pie safe.

Going to try and appease the cat terrorist and then hit the road. Throat is still a bit scratchy, although each time, it seems fine for the first couple minutes I am upright. Drainage?

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