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Well, a few more failed computer OS installs. Seems like the (newer) Dapper ppc install disc is junk, or the optical in the (newer) kitchen iMac is. Further, barbie's IDE chips seem to contain the malfunction, as the new harddrive misbehaved simillarly to the old one (255 Heads? 128 Heads? 16 Heads? No ..) Amusingly, the WD drive label only provides the following as drive parameters: "LBA". Thanks, guys.

There have been some pointless updates to the whole Doraville trying to take my lunch money for driving home on I-285 thing. As suggested by some fairly wankish websites I am going to request a continuance in my next correspondance. I will also probably have to request a printed copy of the citation, as I cannot make out the officer's chicken scratch to actually find the law they allege I broke. It looks like "40-7-187" but I couldn't find one of those in this handy unofficial GA code listing (That code is the one I sent email to about and quoted in that email).

In somewhat better news, between recent Amazon foolishness and stopping by Soulcrest Borders (alas, there was no [ profile] polychromatic22) I am well supplied with reading ( Brother Cadfael 2, Secretary screenplay, some magazines), and (after Dr Who last night), I finally prevailed over the boss that had been stumping me in FFX (flashy!). (How? By power levelling and maximizing the cheese level of all my characters and all of my GFs, of course). I was rewarded with a long romantic sequence between the lead boy and lady, which was quite pretty, if absurd.

The kitteh (who bathes kittehself) requests that I feed myself (and the kitteh) now.
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10 March 2006
Re : Citation # 1xxxxx, 02/16/2006
Without retaining counsel I am prepared to offer one hundred and fifty dollars ($ 150 USD) and your choice of plea to resolve this matter. My check for this amount is enclosed. If there is paperwork associated with entering the plea, please forward it to me, and I will return it quickly.
It may be worth noting the following:

  • The 55 miles/hour speed laws are rarely enforced.

  • The 55 miles/hour speed laws are at best outdated and more likely completely wrong-headed. Federalism arguments are off-topic here.

  • Recent studies have actually shown that attempting to travel at 55 miles/hour on Atlanta highways is difficult and dangerous.

  • Please see this study, done by students at Georgia State University:

This was postal mailed to the City of Doraville this weekend, along with a check for $150
Update around Wed 22 March:Having heard nothing, nor the check being cashed, I call the clerk's office. An almost entirely fruitless phonecall reveals that they do not seem to have received my letter, and they do not accept checks. My money order is expected by April 11, and she wryly agrees I should not mail cash. I find myself once again unable to be mean (stand up to?) to the minions of evil while speaking to them. Begin investigating stopping payment on the check.
Update Friday 24 Mar: Received letter from Clerk's office, Doraville (they have stationary!), included are my letter and check and a letter from the Clerk (working on getting that typed/scanned). This conflicts with the account I was given on the phone previously, in that she denied receiving my note/check. Some repeated information (don't accept checks, amount is 338 not 150) and some outright falsehood, namely a declaration that pleas cannot be entered by mail. As some of the less fortunate among you already know, the standard citation form has a space on the back for you to sign, admitting your guilt, when you mail in your payment as expected.

24 March, 13:30, research continues: Mail to the webmaster address of
From: adric
Subject: Request for information
Date: March 25, 2006 1:12:13 PM EST


Is there a form for making a report to the Commissioner that a local government
is "employing speed detection devices for purposes other than the promotion of
the public health, welfare, and safety " ( 40-14-11a )

Alternatively, what would be the best address to contact regarding such a


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